MIT Work of the Future Leadership

MIT Task Force

The Task Force comprises MIT faculty and researchers representing a diverse set of disciplines and perspectives. The Task Force sets the research agenda for this two-and-a-half year effort, creating an interdisciplinary conversation that links existing and new research on campus. Complementing the research agenda are periodic conferences, speakers, and a set of educational and outreach activities that will engage the MIT community and beyond.

Advisory Board

The MIT Work of the Future Advisory Board is composed of leaders from industry, academia, labor, government, foundations, and other organizations. The Advisory Board provides feedback and guidance to the Task Force.

Research Board

In addition to the Work of the Future Advisory Board, there will be a Research Board that will include leading scholars in related fields. The Research Board will weigh in on research-specific questions and directions.

Students & Researchers

MIT graduate students contribute tremendously to the work of the Task Force, seeking to better understand and prepare for the work of the future by attaining valuable insights from a variety of disciplines.