Research Projects

The MIT Task Force on the Work of the Future is conducting research in key domains such as mobility, skills and education, manufacturing, and more. Research looks at topics of technology, work, and society through both macro- and micro-lenses to assess broad factors as well as the experience of firms, institutions, individuals, and communities. This collaborative research effort implements expertise from a range of disciplines and departments, aiming to develop policy-relevant ideas and insights.

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Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturing is perhaps the earliest adopter of automation, beginning with industrial robotics in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Learning, Education, Training, and Skills

Adoption of new technologies will change future workplace organization, skill demands, and the employment options available to large segments of the working population.

Regions and Industries

This research looks through an industry lens—particularly in the fields of advanced manufacturing and healthcare—at trends in technology adoption, changes in skills requirements, and broader changes to work and jobs.

Mobility and the Workforce

Research on mobility looks at how industries and the workforce are changed by new technologies and business models.


Read research and reports—covering a range of research areas—from the Task Force on the Work of the Future. 

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