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Working Papers | January 8, 2020

Independence of Technology and Work Systems

Thomas Kochan, John Van Reenen, Susan Helper, Alex Kowalski
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The purpose of this “baseline memo” is to summarize prior evidence on the interrelationships between technology and work systems and related management practices and their effects on economic performance. While the evidence is mostly drawn from earlier generations of technologies, our hope is that it provides a starting point for testing hypotheses about how current and future digital technologies will affect organizational and employee outcomes.

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Robots, Automation, and Employment: Where We Are

Lukas Wolters PhD Candidate, Political Science

How to think about automation and potential job loss, where predictions of rising automation & job replacement come from, and offering paths for future research.

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Job Skills Requirements: Levels and Trends

Michael J. Handel Research Analyst, Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor

Job skill requirements examined to understand historical trends & current levels, and provide a frame of reference for predicting future job skill requirements.

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