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Working Papers | May 20, 2020

Robots, Automation, and Employment: Where We Are

Lukas Wolters PhD Candidate, Political Science

How to think about automation and potential job loss, where predictions of rising automation & job replacement come from, and offering paths for future research.

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Working Papers | April 15, 2020

Job Skills Requirements: Levels and Trends

Michael J. Handel Research Analyst, Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor

Job skill requirements examined to understand historical trends & current levels, and provide a frame of reference for predicting future job skill requirements.

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Working Papers | April 7, 2020

Redeployment or Robocalypse? Workers and Automation in Ohio Manufacturing SMEs

Anna Waldman-Brown Research Associate and PhD Student

Explore how small factory owners conceptualize automation by complementing existing technologies to understand the likelihood of an impending robocalypse.

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Working Papers | April 1, 2020

Training the Workforce of the Future: Insights from Work-Based Higher Education Programs in Germany and the United States

Inez von Weitershausen Research Associate, Good Companies, Good Jobs

Industrialized economies share concerns about a growing mismatch between employers’ needs and workers’ skills, and how to prepare the 'workforce of the future'.

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Working Papers | January 8, 2020

Independence of Technology and Work Systems

Thomas Kochan George Maverick Bunker Professor of Management Professor, Work and Organization Studies; Co-Director, Sloan Institute for Work and Employment Research
John Van Reenen Gordon Y Billard Professor in Management and Economics Professor of Applied Economics, MIT Sloan and MIT Department of Economics
Susan Helper Professor, Case Western Reserve University
Alex Kowalski PhD Candidate, MIT Sloan School of Management

A summary of prior evidence on the interrelationships between technology and work systems, related management practices and their effects on economic performance.

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